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SketchUp Pro Educational Resellers: Page Template and Resources

Attention: New Reseller Requirements from Trimble and Cadalog

If you are selling SketchUp Pro to the education market such as classroom network licenses, students and teachers, Trimble and Cadalog ask that you please create a separate web page dedicated to the SketchUp Pro education market. This web page should clearly show schools and students that your company sells SketchUp Pro to the education market, and explain the specifics of educational license requirements and pricing.

Examples: Our own education page can be seen here, and is modeled very closely after the education page on the Trimble website.

For Your Convenience:

We have prepared an education page template based on the layout that Trimble uses on the SketchUp Pro site.

Download the Education Template here:  

  • Our education template is a simple html page built using the Bootstrap CSS framework for mobile and tablet-ready functionality.
  • The template page is packaged in a ZIP/RAR archive containing all necessary CSS, Javascript, HTML, and image files.
  • The HTML template we've provided includes detailed comments which should make it quite easy to identify the different elements in the file and make changes as necessary.

Setup Instructions:

The education reseller template is a simple, lightweight, single-page layout, which should require very little modification. Simply download and unpackage the .ZIP or .RAR file provided above, and upload the contents to a directory of choice on your server. If you need more information please see the following instructions:

  • Folder Structure: Unzip the template package to a directory anywhere on your computer. Inside the root folder, you will find four folders (CSS, JS, Fonts, Images), and one html file (education-template.html). To ensure that the education page displays properly, make sure you upload all four folders to your server—the correct folder structure can be seen in the image to the right:
  • education-template.html: This file contains all the necessary html for the Education template we have provided. The file is well commented and easily readable in any text editor, to make it as easy as possible to make changes to the page's contents and layout. The education template uses a combination of custom CSS formatting and the Bootstrap grid system to make the layout responsive on smaller tablet and phone screens. For more information on Bootstrap, see below
  • CSS: In the CSS folder you will find four CSS files related to the Bootstrap framework, and an additional styles.css file which contains all the custom CSS classes used on the education page.
    • Bootstrap files: - Of the four Bootstrap CSS files, only bootstrap.min.css is absolutely necessary for the education page.
    • styles.css - This file contains all custom CSS used on the education page. If you plan to make changes to page formatting/style do it in this file.
  • Javascript:
    • All required Javascript files are in the JS folder.
    • Although relatively little JavaScript is used on this page, the dropdown toggles in the navbar do use some simple JS, so it is important that this folder is uploaded.
  • Images
    • All the images used on the education page link directly to source files hosted on the Cadalog server.
    • However, if you'd like to host the images yourself (recommended), the Image folder contains all logos and images used in the education template.
  • Fonts:
    • The education template uses a standard web-safe font, however if you decide to add additional typography, place any required font files here.
    • Additionally: The fonts folder contains a self-hosted glyphicon font that is used in two locations on the education page. For more information on bootstrap glyphicons, read here.

Bootstrap Documentation:

The template we've prepared will get you very close to the layout and structure that Trimble uses for their own education site, so very little additional coding will be necessary. However, if you decide you need to modify the page layout, the Bootstrap framework comes with a large number of CSS classes and html elements that can be utilized very easily. If you'd like to read more about Bootstrap, there is thorough documentation at the following pages:

Root folder structure

Education template - Root Folder Structure

Root folder structure

Education template - CSS files

Root folder structure

Education template - Javascript folder